Al-Khaafid & Ar-Raafi’

The next two names we will be discussing and learning about are ‘Al-Khaafid’ – The Humbler, The One who Softens, The Lowerer and ‘Ar-Raafi” – The Uplifter, The Exalter.

Khaafid and Raafi’ are Opposites

Al-Khaafid is the One who chooses the ones to be humbled, softened, made gentle. The One who decides which ones to weaken or diminish. The One who humbles the proud, haughty or insolent, to awaken them from their sleep.

Ar-Raafi’ is the One whose wisdom chooses the ones to be uplifted. The One who uplifts and elevates mankind above petty desires and selfishness. The One who makes it possible to rise above the differences and distinctions that divide mankind.

The word Khaafid comes from the root ‘khaa-faa-daa’, which refers to these meanings:

  • To lower, weaken, depress
  • To make humble, abase
  • To relax, diminish, subdue
  • To make gentle, tranquil, easy to deal with
  • To soften, make easy, facilitate

The word Raafi’ on the other hand comes from the root ‘raa-faa’, which refers to these main meanings:

  • To raise or elevate something
  • To uplift
  • To take it up; to make high, lofty
  • To exalt, make honourable, make eminent
  • To bring a thing near

So, how can we live by these names?

1) Cultivate a sense of humility
Being humble is one of the beautiful qualities that The Beloved of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ, possessed, His character was one of complete humility and sincere faith in Allah. Being humble is a quality that can guide us to Jannah whilst arrogance does quite the opposite. Al-Khaafid, Al-Raafi’ is the One who abases those who are arrogant, and go beyond the limits of Allah’s law, and is in rebellion. It was Iblees’s arrogance that caused his expulsion from Paradise when he refused to humbly obey the command of Allah. Al-Khaafid, Al-Raafi’ is the One Who raises those who are humble and obey His commands. True piety or righteousness is not achievable without cultivating a sense of humility, which comes from learning about Him and recognising His greatness, and from knowing about yourself. So have humility, and do not be arrogant.  Raise what Allah has raised by following His commands, and stay away from that which Allah has prohibited.

2) Know that Justice will be given by Al-Khafid
He is the One who humiliates the oppressors and tyrants, lowering their ranks and insulting them. He abases at will. Al-Khaafid is the One Who lowers all those who think of themselves as being greater than others, the arrogant and the conceited. Know that when you have been wronged and oppressed that it is all in the hands of Allah, with Him is complete justice and the wrongdoers will be questioned and correctly punished for their deeds. Have complete faith that Al-Khaafid will serve justice and lower the ranks of those who display arrogance. But also be careful and use this attribute of Allah as a reminder to not become of those who display arrogance and disobey His command.

3) Obey Him and He will elevate your rank
As simple as it is, Ar-Raafi’ will elevate the ranks of those who worship Him and obey His commands. Those who are good and righteous believers will be rewarded by Ar-Raafi’ in the hereafter with His promise of Jannah. So work as hard as you can to be a good person, to learn about Allah, to speak to people with sweetness, to give whenever you are able to, to hide the faults of others instead of criticising them, to build instead of destroy, etc. Ar-Raafi’ will enlighten your heart with faith, knowledge and truth, and will make His creation love and respect you. We are human, we are not without fault but Allah will raise the ranks of those who repent and return to Him in sincere repentance with acts of obedience. As long as you persist in an enlightened way, Allah will further heightens your state.

Call upon Allah, Al-Khaafid, Ar-Raafi’, asking Him to guide our hearts away from arrogance and to make us of those who are humble. To grant us strong faith to believe that after hardship comes ease and that in His hands is all justice and He will always do what is best, when it is best. Ask Him to make us contemplate ourselves and the creation around us, and assist us in accepting His decree at all times, to help us manifest true humility and work on our flaws, to make us of those who obey Him with sincerity. May Allah shower His peace upon you all, answer your prayers and may He guide our every step. May He protect us and our loved ones and allow us to enter His kingdom of Jannah with them. May He purify our intentions and increase us in imaan. Ameen.

JazakAllah khayr for taking the time to read this, I pray it has benefitted you – please share this with anyone who you think may benefit as well and thank you all for reading this far. May Allah bless you all immensely.

References: information in this post was collated from The Name & the Named by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halvet and the beautiful names of Allah series on



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