The eleventh name we will be discussing and learning about is ‘Al-Khaaliq’ – The Creator,  The Planner

Al-Khaaliq is the One who determines and creates according to the proper measure and proportion of each thing; the One who plans and determines how, when and where to create. The One whose works are perfectly suited, appropriate, fitting and proper; the One who creates something from nothing; the One who creates both the inner and the outer in just proportions. The One who brings things into existence from a state of non-existence; the One who has the power to change things back and forth between the states of existing and non-existing.

Allah calls Himself Al-Khaaliq on 11 occasions in the Quran. The word ‘Khaaliq’ comes from the root khaa-laam-qaaf which points to three main meanings.

  • The first main meaning is to measure accurately or to proportion one thing according to another
  • The second is to create something based on a devised model or pattern
  • The third main meaning is to bring a thing into existence from non-existence and after making it exist, to change it to something else

So, how can we live by this name?

1) Strengthen your relationship with al-Khaaliq.
If there is anything you desire, ask the One who creates everything; if you desire something big like children ask Al-Khaaliq, but also turn to Him for the smallest matters. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: ‘Each of you should ask for his needs from Allah, even if the strap of your sandal breaks, because if Allah does not facilitate it, it will never be possible.’ [At-Tirmidhee] No evil eye, magic, or any force on earth can prevent what Al-Khaaliq has destined to come into existence. Firawn tried his best to prevent Musa ‘alayhi sallam from coming into being and growing up to destroy his kingdom, but when Al-Khaaliq decides to create something then it will be. Allah is the Supreme Creator. When our Lord ﷻ‬ wills or ‘He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, ‘Be!’– and it is!’ [36:82]. For all of those who need something from Allah yet loose hope in His mercy and in His power, be sure and remember to ask Him for all your needs and wishes with complete sincerity and ask Him to improve our love and relationships with Him by following His commandments. Allah can make all your dreams come true, He is the Creator, the One who brings all matter into existence. He created you and knows what lies within your heart and will always be there to answer your every prayer. Place your faith in Him and call upon Him as Al-Khaaliq to make your dreams and wishes come true.

2) Don’t fear created things.
Don’t fear the creation, only fear the Creator. Stop fearing people’s opinions, poverty, failure, etc, and focus on pleasing Al-Khaaliq. He will suffice for your needs. We often focus more on pleasing people and less on pleasing Allah ‎ﷻ‬, like joining in backbiting, gossiping or using foul language to fit in with society when we are well aware that these things are disliked by Him. The Prophet ﷺ said: ‘Whoever sought the pleasure of Allah though it was displeasing to the people then Allah becomes pleased with him, and will make the people pleased with him, and whoever sought the pleasure of the people though it was displeasing to Allah then Allah becomes displeased with him and will make the people displeased with him.’ [Ibn Hibban, At-Tirmidhee] Don’t fear the rejection of people for their hearts are in the hands of Allah and He will always do what is best for you. But also when it comes to fearing creation- as long as you know your actions are correct by Allah, do not worry for the opinions and reactions of the people, as long as Allah is pleased with you then that is all you need. Work towards not fearing these worldly things, let your faith in Allah be greater than your fears, when you have Allah by your side He will always protect and look out for you.

3) Look at nature.
Allah, Al-Khaaliq says: ‘You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky] -don’t be content with just one look, look more times and see- are there any breaks’ [Quran, 67:3] ‘And the Earth – We spread it out and cast therein firmly set mountains and made grow therein [something] of every beautiful kind, Giving insight and a reminder for every servant who turns [to Allah].’ [Quran 50: 7-8] Make it a habit to take at least five minutes each day to sit down, day or night, and actively look around you, remember Al-Khaaliq, and stand before Him. Remember that the same God that created the beauty around you, created you too. Remember His mercy in all He has created around us; the rain, the sun, the trees, everything around us- He has perfectly placed and created them all. His favours upon us are innumerable, remember the blessings He has given us through His creation and be sure to be grateful towards Him, the simple yet huge blessings of food, water, having a roof over our heads. There is so much He has created and given to us the means to make them as we need, remain grateful and allow this to fill you with love for Allah. He has created everything with such detail and love, the way the sun rises then sets every night, the way the moon affects the tides, the details in our eyes and the shades of the sky. Literally in everything, He has placed so much beauty and love within- even yourself. The detail with which He has created mankind, the intricacies of our organs, the way in which our brains function, the layers of our hearts and systems of blood circulation. The trees subhanAllah and the way they provide us with oxygen and we give carbon dioxide. SubhanAllah when you sit to think of it you will always be left in awe. The way in which this world works, the patterns that are consistent throughout from the order of the galaxies to the atoms which make us all. Just subhanAllah man, Allah has created so much and He has filled it with love and detail. Alhamdulillah for His mercy and love.

4) Ask Al-Khaaliq
Remember that He is the One who created you, He loves you and will always be there to protect and guide you. Al-Khaaliq is the one who plans and determines how, when and where to create so rely and call upon this name of Allah when you have a wish or desire. He will always answer your prayers and create your life as is best for you. If you are in need of hope, faith and peace, ask Him to create these feelings inside of you, if you are in need of anything in life and He will answer your prayer and do what is in your favour. If you are afraid of something then call upon Him to change that feeling. Remember no task is impossible for Allah- He is The Creator and Maker of all. He just has to say ‘Be, and it is’.

Call upon Allah, Al-Khaaliq, knowing that He is the Creator of all that existed, exists, and will exist. Ask Him to lead us to unshakable belief in Him as our Creator and let us never ascribe partners to Him. Ask Him to guide us to please Him and to ask Him for our needs and wishes, awaken us to reflect upon His creation, and make us of those who are good in form and good in manners. May Allah shower His peace upon you all, answer your prayers and may He guide our every step. May He protect us and our loved ones and allow us to enter His kingdom of Jannah with them. May He purify our intentions and increase us in imaan. Ameen.

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References: information in this post was collated from and the beautiful names of Allah series on


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