The sixth name we will be discussing and learning about is ‘Al-Mu’min’ – The Remover of Fear,  The Giver of Tranquility,  The Source of Faith

Al-Mu’min is the One who faithfully bestows the gifts of peace, safety and security; the One who grants freedom from fear; the One who illuminates the heart with faith. The One who is most trustworthy.

Allah calls Himself Al-Mu’min on one occasion in the Quran. The word ‘Mu’min’ comes from the root hamza-meem-noon, which points to five main meanings.

  • The first main meaning is to be secure, safe, and free from fear
  • The second is to be quiet and tranquil
  • The third main meaning is to grant protection and to safeguard
  • The fourth is to be trustworthy
  • The fifth main meaning is to believe in

So, how can we live by this name?

1) Believe in Allah and His messengers.
Have imaan, which is your belief in Allah combined with action in following His commands and staying away from that which he has prohibited, and you will receive His aman (security) in this world and the next. ‘Whoever brings a good deed will have better than it (ie, a better reward) and they will be, on that day, at peace during the terror.’ [Quran, 27:89] So read the Quran often, give sadaqah, and focus on your prayers so Al-Mu’min will give you safety on the Day of Judgement. Increase your imaan by increasing the amount of dhikr and remembrance of Allah that you do, speak to Allah regularly through your prayers and read His words, study the Hadith and Sunnah and learn about the life and characteristics of His beloved, the messenger of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ. Purify your intentions and ask Al-Mumin to increase you in imaan.

2) Believe in the promises of Al-Mu’min.
‘The people of Paradise will say: All praise and thanks is only for Allah, the One who fulfilled His promise to us.’ [Quran, 39:74] Place your faith in Al-Mu’min and believe in His promises, they always come true. For example His promise is that sadaqah will not decrease wealth, so trust in this fact and fulfil your promises to your best ability. Place your faith in Him in every manner, trust He will guide and protect you as He has said He will and trust Him to fulfil all He has said He will do. Allah loves us and is always true.

3) Ask Al-Mu’min for aman in difficult situations.
Al-Mu’min is the only source of aman so ask Him to grant you safety, as the Prophet ﷺ said to Abu Bakr radiyallahu ‘anhu: Be not afraid, surely Allah is with us. [Quran, 9:40] No matter how hard the situation, have imaan and ask Al-Mu’min to give you aman– peace and security— in your heart. He will always protect you and shower you with peace as long as you place your faith in Him and ask Him.

4) Take care of trusts.
The Prophet ﷺ said: ‘The believer is one from whose tongue and hand the believers are safe and the believer is one in whom the people would entrust their blood and wealth.’ [At-Tirmidhee] The Prophet ﷺ was called al-ameen, the trustworthy one, strive to be known for your trustworthiness. Return amaanaat (trusts) safely, such as borrowed items or even by keeping secrets entrusted to you. Umar ibn al-Khattab radiyallahu ‘anhu said: ‘If your brother mentions something to you in private, then walks away, it is an amaanah (trust) even if he didn’t instruct you not to inform anyone.’ [Ibn Muflih’s Adaab Ash-Sharee’ah] Keep the promises you make and be someone who keeps the words and properties of others safe as well, strive to ht etrustworthy and honest in all you do and take care of what is around you. Your body is also an amaanah given to you by Allah ‎ﷻ‬ , so make an effort to take care of it and never do wrong by it, take care of your health.

5) Be thankful for your safety.
Reflect on the blessing of security and safety. ‘Let them worship the Lord of this House, Who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe, [saving them] from fear.’ [Quran 106:3-4] If Al-Mu’min gave you a safe place to live and work, show your thankfulness; many are not in this position and teach the children around you to recognise this as well. Allah protects and keeps us safe at every moment, be thankful for this, truly all praise is for Him.

6) Ask Al-Mu’min.
Ask Al-Mu’min to bless you with imaan until your last breath and to adorn you with the characteristics of the believers as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah and in turn study these features so you can work on adopting them. When you are scared, turn to Al-Mu’min for safety. When your imaan is low, ask Him to strengthen it. The Prophet ﷺ taught this supplication ‘Allahumma-stur ‘awraatee wa aamin raw’aatee. O Allah, veil my weaknesses and set at ease my dismay.’ [Ibn Maajah, Abu Dawud]

Call upon Allah, Al-Mu’min, knowing He is the Source of Faith and Giver of safety. Ask Him to bless us with strong imaan, lead us in taking care of our trusts and fulfilling our promises, and adorn us with all the characteristics of His beloved ﷺ. Ask Him to grant us steadfastness and safety in this world and the Hereafter, and make us of those who will enter His jannah someday. May Allah shower His peace upon you all and may He guide our every step. May He protect us and our loved ones and allow us to enter His kingdom of Jannah with them. May He purify our intentions and increase us in imaan. Ameen.

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References: information in this post was collated from and the beautiful names of Allah series on


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