Looking beyond the pain

Guest writer post number three- written to be posted anonymously.

In a world spinning out of control, in a time where the future holds no promises, fear and uncertainty creep into the hearts of many. Yet hope becomes the beacon of light, keeping us moving forward, a little more.
No situation remains constant. Things change over time just like the night subtly fades away and you see hues of the morning sky. You are placed in situations for a reason. A good reason. These trials pave your path to God and bring you closer to Him, making us understand in the process how frail we are as humans, thus we become humbled. Trials mould us to become better versions of ourselves and help us forward to our destination, indeed a place no eyes have ever seen nor imagined.
Hold on, you are one step closer to your true destination. Hold onto God’s rope, have firm faith and trust because you are almost there. The dawn is near and His promise is true.
When prophet Musa عليه السلام and his people stood in front of the red sea, they lost hope and thought they were doomed. But he had firm faith and hope that Allah would make a way out for him and indeed the red sea was parted.
If one was placed in the trials prophet Ayyub علبه السلام went through, they’d have given up. But he endured it patiently hoping for ease from the Lord. And undoubtedly, Allah eased for him his way, and increased his blessings more after the period of testing.
Just like the stars shining in the night sky, there is good in the trials we are put through. Even though at first we don’t see how a trial brings good, because we focus on the hardship itself. Rather comfort yourself knowing Allah will not burden a soul more than its capacity. SubhanAllah! How merciful is our Lord? He is Ar-Rahman (and Ar-Raheem). Hold onto your faith, prayers and hope itself. Ease is near and relief is certain, by the will of Allah!
– Anonymous


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